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Permit to Return

If you have to leave Spain and your TIE has expired or you have lost it, you must request a permit to return. This permit is valid only if your new TIE is in the process of being renewed. It is important to know that you must always have submitted the paperwork previously for an extension or a duplicate TIE since they are going to ask you for it.

What is a permit to return?

  • This is a document that authorises you to leave and enter Spanish territory as long as you have a residence or stay permit that is within the renewal or extension period.
  • Remember that the maximum validity of a return permit is 90 days from the date of issue and it may be used for all exits and subsequent entries that are necessary during the validity of the permit. The validity will depend on the travel itinerary that you present.
  • It is valid for returning to Spain from your country of origin but it is of no use to you if you have a stopover in other Schengen countries.

Recommendation: If you wish to travel in the Schengen area with this document, we must inform you that some airlines and European countries will not always accept a return permit. Always ask the airline and the consulates in the countries that you are thinking of visiting before travelling

Exceptions: A return permit may not be granted to foreigners who are forbidden to leave Spain or have a limit on their freedom of movement issued by the judiciary as a precautionary measure or during an extradition process, or as a result of a firm sentence.

What documents do I need to present?

  • Appointment slip
  • Official application form EX-13
  • A copy of your complete passport or registration card and a valid travel ticket.
  • Copy of the application for a renewal or extension of your permit or ID card, or the receipt for submitting it.
  • A copy of the plane tickets, If you do not have the tickets, make sure to clearly describe the itinerary of the trip, with dates and destinations.
  • Payment of the appropriate fee, which you will be told on the day of your appointment.

Book an appointment

When you have all the documents, you can book an appointment to submit the documentation at this link: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/citar

You must check province BARCELONA and process AUTORIZACIÓN DE REGRESO (return permit)

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