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Application for a TIE

You must submit this application when you ask for a TIE for the first time or when your TIE has been stolen, lost, destroyed or defaced. Note that there are type D visas of up to 180 days for students. This visa does not permit you to apply for a Foreigner’s ID Card (TIE).

As NIE and TIE procedure can be a little complicate, we strongly recommend contact the following advisor (saying that you are IED student):

Carmen Bernal Martínez
tel 93 259 36 00

Requirements for applying for a TIE

  • Not to be a citizen of an EU country or the European Economic Space or Switzerland, or a family member of citizens of these countries to whom the EU citizens’ regime is applicable.
  • Not to be forbidden to enter Spain and not to be an unwanted person in countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to this affect.
  • When these are people over the age of criminal responsibility, to have no criminal record in Spain or prior countries of residence during the previous five years for offences appearing in Spanish legislation.
  • Not to suffer from any disease that could have repercussions on public health, in accordance with the 2005 International Health Regulations.

What documents do I need to present?

The first step is take a registration certificate:
Here you have information about the documents for the process.
(you have to take an appointment in the office closer to your home, and print the file PFD with your appointment)
Remember click:
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Tema: OAC: PADRÓ GESTIONS                  

What documents do I need to present?

Immigration requirements change frequently, so that we recommend that you take all the documents listed below with you on the day of your appointment:

  • Current Passport and a photocopy of all your personal details, your visa and your entry stamp.
  • Two identical colour photos with a white background, taken recently.
  • A bank certificate in a Spanish Bank account proving you have sufficient funds to pay for the expenses of your stay. You will be asked to prove that you have sufficient funds: For example: If you need to extend your stay for 9 months, you must certify 532,51 euros x the number of months that your extension will last. (532.51 x 9 = 4.793 €).
  • Registration certificate giving the reason for the application (you can request your enrollment in Spanish in Administration on the ground floor of the school).
  • Private medical insurance in Spanish with coverage of up to €30,000 and a repatriation of remains clause.
  • Certificate of registration with the municipality of Barcelona (Empadronamiento) or the town in which you are living.
  • Receive of the payed fee.
  • Official application form EX 17 (NO UE students), which you can download from this link: 
  • Appointment slip booked on the internet.
Pay the tax for NIE


Fill in this document and print it to pay the tax at the bank (15.45€)
You have to click:

TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos”And “Efectivo”


Book an appointment for NIE

You need to book an appointment to submit the documentation at this link: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/citar

You must check province BARCELONA and process EXPEDICIÓN DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO (HUELLA) (Issue of foreigner’s ID (fingerprints). 

Collect your card

  • You can collect your ID card in 30 to 40 days.
  • For safety (in case of robbery, loss or destruction), keep a photocopy of your card on hand.

If you feel obtain the NIE is a hard process for you, maybe you could contact with a layer:

María Forteza Bueno
 Tel.  +34 933176061

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