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Barcelona is a city with over one and a half million inhabitants, plus all the tourists (in 2013, 16 million tourists spent the night in Barcelona). It is a very safe European city, but, like any other big city, in the centre, where there are many tourists, robberies do occur due to inattention. Pickpockets use excuses to distract a person’s attention, such as telling them about a stain on their clothing or trying to sell them things. The main recommendation is to use your common sense and take care of your personal effects when you are in a restaurant, on the metro or in the street.

In spite of this, it is completely safe to travel on the metro, even at night, and to walk around the streets at any time of day.

The following are some safety precautions:

  1. At home, always close the windows and balcony doors when you are sleeping and when you go out. When you go out, lock the door.
  2. Avoid leaving objects of value on the beach and always try to keep your personal belongings in sight.
  3. Always carry some form of identity
  4. Don’t take part in any street betting games as they are rigged.
  5. In the street people will try to divert your attention with excuses like a stain on your clothes or trying to sell you things; try to avoid these people.
  6. If you are the victim of a crime, report it to the Mossos d´Esquadra, the police, by phoning 112. To file a report at the police station, you must take personal identification and, if possible, proof that you own the stolen objects.
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