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About the City

Barcelona is without doubt the most cosmopolitan city in Spain. Situated in the north-east of Spain on the Mediterranean coast, it is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. The official languages of Catalonia are Catalan and Spanish.

Barcelona is known throughout the world for its talent for design; the social and cultural activities of the city all reflect its creative spirit. New trends from around the world have been drawn there by the city’s potential. Professionals from the worlds of design, music, fashion, art and the cinema are the leading players of the city’s dynamic rhythm.


Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Catalonia, with an area of 32.107 km², is situated in the north-east of Spain. It is bounded on the east by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north by France and Andorra and to the west and south by Aragon and Valencia, respectively. Its official languages are Catalan and Spanish and its currency is the Euro. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers.


Catalonia has always been a crossroads for cultures and influences. The history of Barcelona stretches back 4,000 years to the end of the Neolithic period, and the earliest remains were found within the city boundaries. The Iberians, Carthaginians, Romans, Jews, Visigoths, Moslems and Christians all left their mark on the city’s archaeological heritage. The real birth of the city came in the Roman era and from that time forward it grew into one of the main ports of the western Mediterranean. By the Middle Ages it had become the pre-eminent Catalan County and one of the most important cities of the Crown of Aragon.


The range of universities in Catalonia is a reflection of its multidisciplinary, multidimensional and multilingual society, which is shared by people from all over the world.

To know more about the city of Barcelona, its districts and neighbourhoods, go to www.barcelona.cat/en

To learn about the history of Barcelona, its customs, the weather and recommended places to visit, see the web site Turisme de Barcelona

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